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| 06/12/2016

Chris Bernat, owner of American company Vapor Apparel, answers some questions on why the company has chosen to exhibit at P&P LIVE! 2017 for the first time.

Q. Why has Vapor Apparel decided to exhibit for the first time at the show?  

Now that we are setting up full operations in Europe, it was the obvious choice to launch our brand formally in the UK. We are making a significant investment in the European marketplace and the UK market and this show’s time has come for Vapor Apparel.

Q. Why did you choose Printwear & Promotion LIVE?

The show has a reputation for delivering information to the UK sublimation marketplace, which is our core customer base in the US and elsewhere around the globe. We know several of the major players in the UK sublimation market and they are at this show as well. For us there really was no other show worth considering for the UK.

Q. What does Vapor Apparel expect to gain from the show?

The chance to meet with potential customers and distribution partners. We offer a large product range that is specific to sublimation and customers in the UK have been asking for our brand for years. I can’t tell you how many UK emails we get each month asking when it will finally be available… so now we get to share the good news. We have built our company by making superior products and strong partnerships. We hope to accomplish the same at the NEC.

Q. What can visitors expect to see from Vapor Apparel at the show?

A wide array of colours and styles that work with the sublimation colour gamut. They will see everything from sublimation ready socks and printing tools to our award winning performance apparel and other unique accessories that you can only find from us.

Q. Why visitors should visit Vapor Apparel at the show?

To grow their sublimation business. We have helped many small and medium printers change their value proposition and dramatically increase their sales. They can expect a new fresh perspective on what is possible with a desktop sublimation printer and a good press. They can expect answers. If they are getting lines in their shirts from production… we can fix that. If they are curious about different fabrics, they can come and touch them and the quality that we are known for in the industry.

Q. What are you most looking forward to?

The chance to finally offer our apparel directly to UK printers, a good pint, and some bangers and mash!

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