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| 19/07/2017

With more than 5,600 visitors attending Printwear & Promotion LIVE! earlier in the year we felt it was only fitting to ask those that visited what they thought of the show and their time at it. And now the results are in.

Q1) How satisfied were you with your visit to Printwear & Promotion LIVE! 2017?

As the results show, more than 80% of the visitors surveyed were either extremely satisfied or very satisfied with their visit to P&P LIVE! 2017, a result we are extremely satisfied with! One visitor even commented ‘best show in years’, while another said ‘I learnt things I hadn’t known before and one exhibitor in particular opened my eyes to a world of possibilities for me’.



Q2) What were the reasons for your visit?

As organisers of the UK’s only trade show for the garment decoration industry we are encouraged to see that our visitors attend for education, training and advice, as well as to source new suppliers. The show provides the ultimate platform to boost your business, with hundreds of experts from the industry found under one roof ready to impart their wisdom and to help you to drive your business forward with their innovative products. Whether that’s a new top of the range embroidery machine or a jacket that rivals those found on the high street, there is something to help every garment decorator grow their business.


Q3) Have you visited the show before?

More than a third of the visitors we surveyed attended the show for the first time back in February, demonstrating that P&P LIVE! is the perfect place for those looking for inspiration to drive their business or their own knowledge of the industry forward. And as organisers it is also encouraging to see that 28% of those who attended this year choose to come back time and time again.





Q4) As a result of your visit do you plan to invest in any new equipment within the next six months of have done so already?

The results show that more than 40% of visitors planned to buy new equipment within six months of the show. The machinery they hoped to invest in ranged from embroidery machines to direct to garment printers, as well heat presses and white toner printers. It is great to see that our visitors are not shying away from making investments in their business as a result of a visit to P&P LIVE!



Q5) Next year the show will take place from Sunday, January 21 to Tuesday, January 23. Do you think these earlier dates are better suited to enable you to visit?

To accommodate further growth, P&P LIVE! is taking place a month earlier than the dates our regular visitors are accustomed to. The new dates are Sunday, January 21 to Tuesday, January 23, with the show taking place in the larger Halls 17 & 18 at the NEC in Birmingham. We asked our visitors whether these new dates would make it any less likely that they would attend and as a result 29% said they would be more inclined to visit now the show is taking place earlier, while a whopping 57% said the new dates made no difference to their future attendance. We can only surmise that garment decorators relish the opportunity to see new garments and product launches earlier in the year before the busy season picks up.

Q6) How likely are you to attend the show next year?

We also asked our visitors how likely it is that they will attend next year. The results show that 30% of visitors will definitely return, which is fantastic, while 37% said it was very likely that they would attend next year. Only 2% said they wouldn’t return.




Q7) How likely are you to recommend Printwear & Promotion LIVE! to those in the industry?

It is exciting for us to reveal that more than 80% of the visitors we surveyed would recommend P&P LIVE! to others in the industry. Word of mouth and verbal recommendations are what help us to grow the show and improve it year on year.




Q8) Would changing the opening days of the show to Saturday to Monday (rather than the current Sunday to Tuesday) affect the likeliness of your attendance in the future?

We also asked our visitors if changing the opening days of the show would affect the likeliness of their attendance. More than half of those surveyed said it wouldn’t affect their attendance, while only 8% said they wouldn’t attend if the show opening days changed from Sunday to Tuesday to Saturday to Monday.



Q9) And finally, we asked our visitors if there was anything else they would like to see at the show and these are just a handful of responses we received.

  • A lot is aimed at big companies. I would like to see perhaps suppliers of slightly cheaper machines for smaller companies or individuals starting out.
  • Actual hands on decoration.
  • I like the Tuesday option as it’s always quiet and you can actually talk to people. Otherwise it’s just far too busy.
  • Longer seminars would be cool.
  • More promotional items other than clothing.
  • More sample giveaways.
  • More workwear and hi-vis suppliers.
  • Something new/different in the decoration industry that hasn’t been seen before and maybe more quality decoration blanks.
  • Always room for more exhibitors.

As organisers of Printwear & Promotion LIVE! we strive to make the exhibition as enjoyable and interesting as we can, sourcing the highest quality exhibitors for the thousands of visitors that attend. As such we are always happy to take on board any comments and suggestions. If you would like to have your say email

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