Netdigitizing – EmbroideryBadge UK

Netdigitizing – EmbroideryBadge UK
Netdigitizing – EmbroideryBadge UK
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Netdigitizing provides a fast delivery service. The company prides itself on the quality and quick response it gives its customers. With over 30 years of experience in embroidery designs, this helps to create stunning designs that look great and stitch well. At Netdigitizing every order is stitched out on a similar fabric, any minor errors are corrected before the logo is sent off to the customer. Flat rate prices start from just £10 for left breast, £18 for jacket backs and £2.50 for text designs.

Netdigitizing understands branding, having worked with top high street brands for several years, the team understands the importance of every design it creates or replicates.

Readymade badges – EmbroideryBadgeUK

EmbroideryBadgeUK produces readymade badges and specialises in schoolwear badges, military patches, football/sports, scouts/cubs badges and more. The company offers a superfast delivery from 10-12 days for embroidered badges and 15-18 days for woven badges

Embroidery machine appliqué badges, heatseal/iron on badges, stitch on badges as well as adhesive badges for one-time events. The company can deliver excellent quality school badges in record time. Whether it’s embroidered or woven blazer badges or heat sealed badges, its artwork team will work closely with you to create approval mock-ups in record time.

Netdigitizing can also provide woven or embroidered appliqué badges where the badge can be appliquéd on your embroidery machine saving you time and money. These appliquéd badges are smooth and there is no roughage at the back, meaning no irritation to the students. No wonder then these badges are proving to be the first choice for many. Please visit for a free quote.